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That’s a DERN SURE good deal there James! (x)

the coolest people on the planet


“I have technically 10 kids. I have Millie and the nine of you and I still have time to read.” — Geoff Ramsey (via Rust)


You should dern sure take that deal, dern sure take that 56 grando.”


♥Aleks in the back just smiling♥



 Achievement Hunter meme: [1/1] AH employee » Ryan Haywood

"Look guys, I want you to understand; it’s very important that you don’t do anything that is an unstated rule or a rule that you think anyone on the internet might make up even though they’re not playing."
"Ryan, you getting a little bit pissy with the audience?"


Welcome to the office, Dex!


Seamus: Dex, I swear on me mum x

drunk seamus


Fan: What was your dream job before youtube?
Fan in audience: Target
Seamus: Who said that?! Remove that man from the room!



Selfieception at RTX!

Whoops. ‘re logged the wrong one


The guys had these at the signing and I was glad because I didn’t bring anything to sign :S